Replacement Frequency

CPAP Masks and Accessories Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule
Air Filters Monthly
Mask Cushion Every 3 Months
Mask Headgear Every 6 Months
Tubing Every 6 Months
Humidifier Every 6 Months
CPAP Machine Every 5 Years

Why replace the mask, tubing, and humidifier every 6 months?

  • The mask cushion gets worn out over time due to frequent use, oils from the skin, and cleaning. Deterioration of the soft silicone or foam cushions may result in a less optimal fit or seal. Changing the mask will ensure the CPAP treatment remains comfortable and effective.
  • CPAP accessories such as the mask, tubing, and humidifier are subject to bacterial growth. Washing with antibacterial soap significantly reduces the growth of bacteria. Studies performed indicate that even with frequent washing, bacterial growth cannot be eliminated after approximately 6 months. Time for replacement!

See Scientific research study here

CPAP Equipment care

Your CPAP equipment does not require a lot of maintence. However, some simple steps must be taken to ensure that it stays in good condition. This will ensure that your treatment of Sleep Apnea by CPAP stays effective. Here are the key maintenance steps for your CPAP equipment.

Mask (daily)

Disassemble the mask and soak it in lukewarm soapy water for 15 minutes. Rinse the mask with tap water and allow to air-dry. Do not soak the mask in hot water as it may damage the silicone or foam cushion parts. Do not wash the mask in a dishwasher.

Humidifier (daily)

Wash the humidifier water chamber with warm soapy water and rinse it with tap water. Refill the humidifier to the proper level with distilled water.

Tubing (weekly)

Wash the air hose weekly by soaking it in lukewarm soapy water for 15 minutes. Rinse the hose with warm water and air-dry. Hang the hose over a shower curtain rod or a door to help it dry.

Headgear (weekly)

Hand-wash the headgear in soapy water to prevent it from becoming oily. Rinse thoroughly under running water, squeeze out excess water by hand and let it air-dry. Do not machine-wash or machine-dry your headgear.

Foam air filter (weekly)

Rinse the reusable foam inlet filter under running water weekly to get rid of dust accumulation. Air-dry the filter. The filter must be completely dry before you place it back in the machine.

Disposable air filter (monthly)

Discard and replace the disposable ultra-fine filter monthly. This filter removes the microscopic dust particles that would otherwise enter your lungs, so timely replacement of this filter is essential.

Mask (semi-annually)

You should replace your mask every 6 months. Masks wear out and break down over time. You should consider replacing your mask often, even if it appears in good condition. This should be done because the soft silicone or foam cushions and seals deteriorate over time and no longer provide the optimal fit or seal. Changing the mask every 6 months will ensure that your CPAP treatment remains as comfortable and effective as possible. It also provides you with an opportunity to try a different model, style or size of the mask, so you can tailor the CPAP therapy to your personal preferences and needs.

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  • Reduce the risk of stroke, heart and blood pressure problems
  • Decrease blood glucose levels by decreasing insulin resistance
  • Reduce feelings of daytime fatigue and sleepiness
  • Decrease oxidative stress and inflammation in the body
  • Improve the patient and their bed partners quality of life
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